GHEMCO was founded with the simple mission to provide a knowledgeable and easy to work with resource for facility managers and owners with regards to the entire building envelope. While the focus has been and will remain with the facility, this cannot be accomplished without providing the same support to specifiers, contractors, and distribution.

GHEMCO defines the building envelope as involving the following: roofing, decking, above-grade waterproofing, and below-grade waterproofing.

GHEMCO is a manufacturer for materials and systems that address all aspects of the building envelope and a provider for a variety of services to assist in addressing these areas.
Whatever the situation, GHEMCO is there to support the facility owner/manager whether it is working directly with the facility or through another entity, such as a specifier or contractor.


  • Our systems are able to restore and maintain every type of commercial system that exists; including TPO, PVC, Elvaloy KEE, Hypalon, EPDM, Built-Up Roof Systems (BUR), Modified-Bitumen Roof Systems, Spray Applied Polurethane Foam, other liquid-applied systems, metal, concrete and other cementitious materials.
  • The best system for a given application is dependent on the condition of the existing roof system, environmental conditions, expected hardship to the new system, and a variety of other variables.
  • GHEMCO offers a variety of specifications to assist in the proper installation of the chosen system.
  • Warranties up to 30-years in length are available.


  • Utilizing a high-performance urethane and urethane-asphalt technology our systems can be applied to almost any substrate; including, concrete, plywood, and others.
  • GHEMCO systems depend on superior products to reduce the amount of labor required to deliver a high-performing system.
  • Warranties of up to 15-years in length are available.


  • Our decking systems are intended to typically be applied over concrete or plywood.
  • The systems listed are intended to be applied with a minimal number of layers which allow for easier installation while delivering a sound waterproofing surface.
  • All of our systems are based on the proven performance of urethane technology.
  • GHEMCO offers a variety of specifications to address all approved applications.
  • Warranties of up to 20-years in length are available.


  • GHEMCO Fabrics may be used to reinforce flashings and penetrations or to reinforce the entire roof area in liquid-applied roofing applications.
  • GHEMCO Tape may be used to reinforce almost any portion of a roof, which includes the field of the roof and all flashings / penetrations.
  • This tape is so simple to use that anyone may apply it like an expert following minimal training.


  • GHEMCO polyureas are intended to deliver superior performance at a price point that delivers a superior value proposition.
  • These products may be applied to a variety of substrates; such as, concrete, metal, spray applied polyurethane foam, and others.
  • A large variety of finish coats are available to work with these products to offer a superior value while meeting the needs of a specific application.
  • Check with GHEMCO for the specifications that are needed to address a specific application.
  • Warranties of up to 15-years in length are available.
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